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Our extensive experience in the commercial surety industry provides our customers with a broad overview to expand premium, improve underwriting results and create more depth within their surety organization.

We have a proven record of excellent performance in this industry.  Our ability to interpret industry data gives our clients the tools to manage their portfolio at the highest and most granular levels to maximize positive results.  



• Portfolio reviews – internal audit or reinsurance placement deadlines
• Specific case underwriting – unique to your organization or to supplement your existing underwriting team


• Conduct one on one training for team members new to the business
• Coordinate group training at beginner and intermediate levels
• Facilitate AFSB workshops
• Teach financial analysis and industry analysis sessions
• Outsource your training program and keep producing while we do the training


• Maximize your existing relationships
• Target regions and classes for maximum production results
• Align this product with others your company offers
• Establish proven practices for building relationships

start ups

• Guidance on rate filings
• Set up underwriting templates
• Assistance with employee selection


We provide assistance with the blueprints of a new organization as well as the analysis of an existing organization.  We offer guidance in underwriting, operations, pricing, marketing and retention practices.  By tapping into our extensive production and underwriting experience, systems knowledge, marketing techniques and process for efficiently handling business, we provide a solid path to growth.

We listen to the needs of our clients as we develop tailored systems to achieve the milestones leading to their definition of success. This is WHAT we do.

We bring excellence and experience to surety, business, marketing and product development to bottom line production as we equip and empower our clientele.  This is HOW we do it.

We listen to the needs of our clients as we develop tailored systems to achieve the milestones leading to their definition of success.  This is WHAT we do.


Helen Lally brings over three decades of extensive experience in the commercial surety industry to Comhar Consulting.  She is a proven leader in this industry with a track record of excellent results in all facets of the business.  She has successfully raised the awareness of commercial surety’s value in the marketplace through teaching and public speaking engagements.

Helen has built relationships with producers and carriers throughout the United States and Canada.  She has provided educational instruction to underwriters, producers, obligees, attorneys and other users of this product.

Helen has held critical positions at national and regional surety companies as well as local and national brokerages.   She has led and served on the Commercial Surety Committees of the Surety and Fidelity Association of American and the National Association of Surety Bond Producers.   Helen is a graduate of the University of Washington.